Special Needs     Life Coach


We are dedicated to helping families and their loved ones with autism and other developmental disabilities access the support, encouragement, resources, and knowledge they need to live happy, fulfilling lives. Our mission is to empower families and individuals to identify their needs, set personal goals, and develop actionable plans to achieve those goals.

How do we we help parents and individuals with special needs? Advocate for their child/adult when parents cannot, quality of life planning, identifying appropriate educational/residential services, monitoring residential placement, life skills, friendship development, and other customizable family needs.

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Special Education Advocate


Is the school refusing to provide an evaluation for your child? Having problems with your child’s school and don't know what to do? Do you think your child has been placed in the wrong type of classroom and you don't know how to get it changed? Is your child receiving unfair discipline at school and it keeps happening despite your best efforts? Do you need help get the services your child needs in his/her IEP? Is the school refusing to give your child accommodations even though he has a disability? Navigating the IEP and 504 process can be tricky, cumbersome, and frustrating, but you don't have to do it alone. We help navigate the the IEP and 504 process to ensure that you have peace of mind. 

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Concierge Services


Do you need help, but are unsure of where to turn? Are you struggling with how to feel about your child's diagnosis or disability? Are you embarassed about how you feel?

Are you tired of being on this autism journey alone? Is the special needs parent life overwhelming? Do you feel like there are so many obstacles in your way and you can't find help?

This is what we call the special needs matrix, and we know exactly how you feel.  But you don't have to do it alone. If you need someone in your corner that can help you navigate the matrix, contact us! 

We help you navigate all things special needs.   

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 This special event is for your neurodiverse young adults (ages 18-28) who find it difficult to make and maintain friendships. It is an opportunity to connect with others, share their interests, and make a friend in a safe, friendly environment. 


If you live in the Metro-Atlanta area and would be interested in attending (or having your adult child attend) or volunteering for this event, please click the button below to complete the interest form. 

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Self-Paced Courses

Do you want to do it on your own but just need some direction? Click here to access self-paced courses that will provide you with strategies, tips, and techniques to support your child with a disability.