Helping Families Navigate the Special Education Matrix with Peace of Mind. 

We empower families to navigate their child's special needs journey with confidence, courage, and clarity.  We provide special education advocacy services, parent coaching, individualized support, guidance, and training in the special education process, IEPs, 504 Plans, and behavior interventions to ensure successful outcomes for all children. 



You Don't Have To...

Figure It Out By Yourself

We are here to guide you through the special education process with as much or as little support as you'd like. We provide parents with support from the time that you notice that your child is different or struggling in school or even if your child has been struggling for a while. You no longer have to guess what to do next. You no longer have to feel embarrassed because you just don't know. We have been where you are; we know!


Be Frustrated

Having a child with a developmental disability does not come with a manual. It seems like there are challenges and objections at every turn. Is the school not helping your child? Is there always a roadblock? We can provide you with support and expert advice from professionals who are parents of children with disabilities. We have many answers readily available, and when we don't have the answer, we find it...just for you. 


Feel Alone

No one in your circle understands you. We get it! We've been there. This is why we have created a community for parents just like you. We understand what you are going through.  Join our community to build relationships and network with other parents of children with developmental disabilities and professionals in the field for support, resources, and training. If you prefer one on one support or a smaller, more intimate group, we have that too!

Special Needs Parent Network - JOIN TODAY

I'm So Glad You're Here!

Not only am I a veteran special educator with over 16 years of experience in special education, but I am also a mom! I have spent over two decades searching for, and when I could not find, developing systems and strategies that worked for my son with autism, for me, for our family, and for my son's future. As a working mom, I searched for years, to no avail, for resources that would simplify our complex lives. Now, I am a special needs education advocatecoach, consultant, author, and speaker whose passion and research have allowed great success for the families I have served. After having worked in the public school setting, attended countless IEP, 504, and RTI meetings, and empathized with the feelings of overwhelmed parents, I decided to empower parents by helping them navigate the world of special education and special needs. I recognize that families of children with disabilities struggle with figuring out the various aspects of the disability matrix from education, guardianship, transitioning to adulthood, employment, and more...And I am here to help parents navigate the journey needs. 

I use my experience working in public education and my own personal struggles and successes to help people just like you navigate the 'disability matrix' with courage, confidence, clarity, and peace of mind. 

Dr. Dannette Taylor,

Serva Solutions Founder

"Working with Dr. Dannette has changed my life. In only 1 week, I feel more confident and knowledgeable about my child's disability."

- Valerie J.

"Last year, I was frustrated and didn't know where to start to help my son. I had lots of resources, but no blueprint of where to start and exactly how to help him. Thanks to Serva and Dr. Dannette, I’m now on track and can help my son without being frustrated."

- Latasha W.

"From feeling alone and helpless to having people in my corner that understand what I am going through. Thank you Dr. Dannette!"

- Crystal N.